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Moon landing tapes got erased, NASA admits

Documentaries & Shows & History & Blogs | 2019-05-16 / Views: 49
Tags:   Moon   landing   tapes   erased,   NASA   admits

Facebook Admits That It Allowed Tons Of Companies To Access Your Private Messages

Security | 2018-12-20 / Views: 121
Tags:   Facebook   Admits   That   Allowed   Tons   Companies   Access   Your   Private   Messages

A mysterious radiation cloud spread over Europe in September

News WorldWide | 2017-11-24 / Views: 412
Tags:   mysterious   radiation   cloud   spread   over   Europe   September

Microsoft admits Windows Phone is dead for real

Technology & Science | 2017-10-09 / Views: 489
Tags:   Microsoft   admits   Windows   Phone   dead   real

Air Force Admits Weather Control via HAARP and New Tech

Twilight Zone | 2014-05-17 / Views: 495
Tags:   Force   Admits   Weather   Control   HAARP   Tech