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Hatte Karl Marx doch recht Doku

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Marx in 60 Minuten Dr. Walther Ziegler

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Dem Mittelstand wird die Luft abgedreht Dr. Markus Krall

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Politische Korrektheit Philip Hopf

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Roundabouts CBS Mornings

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Roundabouts CNBC

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Beyond ChatGPT The Economist

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Generative AI The Economist

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Revolution Of Artificial Intelligence Documentary

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The cost of AI VPRO Documentary

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Who Invented AI ColdFusion

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Scam City London

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Illusion of Democracy Documentary

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NASA Hidden Agenda Billy Carson

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Emerald Tablets Billy Carson

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Ancient Emerald Tablets Billy Carson Fundraiser

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The Power Structure of Harvard PowerfulJRE

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Edward Witten Closer To Truth

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Eric Lerner, Sabine Hossenfelder Talk

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Eric Weinstein and Brian Greene Talk

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Criminals Running Food Chain Documentary

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Trouble with Chicken documentary

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How Prince Andrew Helped Bank Woo Sketchy Clients Bloomberg Originals

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Johnson Baby Powder Controversy Bloomberg Investigates