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Steve Coogan Explains the Key to Writing Believable Dialogue

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Jon Hamm's Mad Men Audition theoffcamerashow

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Why Zach Braff Will Never Crowdfund Another Movie theoffcamerashow

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Nick Offerman Discusses the Fast Food Industry The Founder

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Vince Vaughn Explains How MPAA Ratings Can Change a Film theoffcamerashow

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Seth Rogen Explains the Important Difference Between Story and Plot theoffcamerashow

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Rebecca Hall Explains Why Love Scenes Were Different theoffcamerashow

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Paul Dano theoffcamerashow

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Why Javier Bardem Turned Down Steven Spielberg theoffcamerashow

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Sam Elliott theoffcamerashow

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Jeff Bridges The Dilemma and Perks of Being a Renaissance Artist

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Growing Up with John Goodman theoffcamerashow

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Bill Macy Divulges His Secret to Playing Evil Characters

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Bill Macy Tells Why He Threatened to Shoot Ethan Coen's Dog

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Hank Azaria is a master at mimicry theoffcamerashow

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Michael Shannon theoffcamerashow

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Joseph Gordon-Levitt Shares Touching Lesson from Late Brother

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Cindy Crawford Tells What Ended Her Childhood Innocence theoffcamerashow

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Jack Black Discovers He Can Sing theoffcamerashow

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Dave Grohl's Advice to Aspiring Musicians theoffcamerashow

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How The Band Unlocks Creativity theoffcamerashow

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Highs and Lows Leading to the Band's First Record Deal theoffcamerashow

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What No One Told Ethan Hawke About Being Famous theoffcamerashow

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Rashida Jones Make Decisions from Love