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AMS Kongress 2021 mit Prof. Maximilian Fichtner Transformation der Antriebe

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Wasserstoff in der Elektromobilität Prof. Dr. Maximilian Fichtner

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Neue Batteriekonzepte für die Elektromobilität Prof. Maximilian Fichtner

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See what Michelin uses instead of air in its Uptis tires CNET

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AI a species-level Big Think

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Yuval Noah Harari 60 Minutes interview

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Biggest property scam ever 60 Minutes Australia

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Alexa doesn't work for you The Future of Personal AIs

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Auslaufmodell Supermarkt ARTE

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HM and Zara DW Planet A

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quer Ganze Sendung vom 30.09.2021

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China's Race for AI Supremacy Bloomberg Quicktake

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Dürre in Europa ARTE

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Auf dem Trockenen ARTE

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Terrifying Spyware Investigators

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Computational models of cognition Josh Tenenbaum, MIT

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SUPERMAN 1978 Behind the Scenes

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How Apple and Nike have branded your brain Big Think

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Your Brain on Money Big Think

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Stinkwanzen DokThema BR

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Video Data Classification Siraj Raval

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US goal is an endless war WikiLeaks

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The Inside Story of the Ship That Broke Global Trade Bloomberg Quicktake

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PFAS Last Week Tonight with John Oliver HBO